Flight Training Schools

Flight Training Schools face extraordinary challenges. While safety, weather, training execution and maintenance are primary concerns for any flight training academy, we know that you can also experience other common business challenges. Among them include finding and recruiting qualified candidates, forming and maintaining a continuous recruiting pipeline, university/airline partner selection and execution, pricing, deal negotiation, cost-effective marketing, English screening for non-native English speaking candidates, immigration processing and much more. We work collaboratively with you to quickly identify root causes to these challenges and create customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.

  • Repeat Business Solutions.
    • Optimize US and International partnerships with airlines, universities, and agencies
    • Partnership identification
    • Deal term development
    • Negotiation strategies
    • Contract development support
  • Point-Of-Contact Solutions.
  • Liaise with airlines and universities for all finance, immigration, program operations and student support services.
  • Competitive Intelligence Solutions.
  • Content Marketing and Marketing Research Solutions.
  • Agent/Representative for individual recruiting and agency support.
  • Event and Trade Show Support.


Need to find the ideal airline partners for commercial pilot placement or a flight training center for your student candidates to augment your curriculum or capabilities? Let us help you find the right partners to meet your requirements anywhere in the world.

•  In-country and international partnerships with airlines, flight training centers and universities
•  Airline pilot placement
•  Agent/Representative
•  Business Development/Growth Initiatives


We know that the global pilot shortage is very real and that airlines are continuously hiring qualified pilots to fill those gaps. We partner with you to find and secure exclusive partnerships with flight training centers as well as universities to create a continuous pipeline of qualified commercial pilots for your airline.

  • On-site center review and evaluation support
  • Pilot placement
  • University and flight training partnerships
  • Liaison


Seeking to add flight training schools to your agency’s offerings? Need assistance with training counselors about ab initio flight training programs to assist them in sales? We will serve on your behalf to find outstanding flight training schools anywhere in the world to augment your portfolio.

•  Flight Training educational support for counselors
•  Partnerships with flight training schools and universities


We specialize in strategic alliances, business development and marketing. If you have special project needs in the businesses of air traffic management, in-flight entertainment, aircraft manufacturing or in the defense industry, we can help! Please send your requirements to the email provided in the contact section or call directly.